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7 Lá


Live from Baile na nGall
Tuesday @ 7.30pm


Parental Rating: G

Politics and the economy, regional, national and international affairs. Live debate on the major issues of the day with a panel of analysts, experts and political pundits.

First Shown: 12 Feb

7 Lá

A special edition of the current affairs programme, ‘7Lá’ will be broadcast live from Baile na nGall, in the Dingle Peninsula, on Tuesday 19th February at 7.30pm.

Rural areas in Ireland have been under pressure in recent years  Young people are emigrating, or moving to towns and metropolitan areas in search of work. Securing planning permission is difficult. The once vibrant fishing and farming industries are in decline. The composition of local communities is out of kilter and as a result local services are under severe pressure. Garda stations, post offices, pubs and small rural shops are disappearing.

In a special edition being broadcast LIVE from Baile na nGall, in West Kerry on Tuesday 19th February, 7Lá will discuss the reality of life rural areas. The last shop servicing the parishes of Kill & Moore closed on the 7th of February. The Post Office which served those communities closed before the end of last year. Two restaurants in the locality have also closed in recent times. The pubs are under pressure. This is all happening in parishes that are only 4-5 miles from the town of Dingle, the busiest tourist town in Ireland.

How can such a thing happen? What future do our rural parishes have? Does our government have any plan to counteract this constant erosion? Do local communities have any solutions? Can this decline be avoided?

These questions will be put to a panel of guests who are rooted in their communities on 7Lá, 19th February, 7.30-8pm.

‘7 Lá’ presented by Páidí Ó Lionáird.

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