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Ar Scoil Arís


We all remember our school days, but how many of us get a chance to actually revisit them?

Thirty years ago in 1986, as part of the television series ‘Ar Scoil’, Mairtín Davy Ó Coisdealbha travelled to various national schools in Conemara where he met local school children and found out about their lives at school and their dreams for the future.

Now, thirty years later, Máirtín Davy brings us on a nostalgic journey as he revisits these schools and meets some of those children now grown men and women and gets an insight into how life has changed in the area over thirty years.

This series presents a unique opportunity to show the Then & Now as we see archive footage from 1986. We examine how has life changed in these rural communities over thirty years, and how life compares for children who go to these schools now.

Over 6 six weeks we visit Scoil Cholmáin in Maigh Inis, Scoil na hAirde Móire, Scoil Rónáin in An Trá Bháin, Scoil Mhuire in Ros Muc, Scoil Sailearna in Inverin and Scoil Bhriocáin in Ros Muc. We give past pupils the opportunity to meet their childhood selves, and we engage with the pupils of today on a fun filled journey of stories, history, music and dance.

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