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7 families of these boats share the same ancient traditions and the love of competition


An Gála Mór 1-4

Parental Rating: PG

The Tónaí has won the league, but the races get evermore competitive. Tension grows in the competition between the Tónaí and the American Mór, before the big gale breaks half of the fleet in the final

First Shown: 31 Jan

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On the western edge of Europe, lies an unique culture that depended and fought with the Atlantic Ocean for thousands of years.
It is the native sailboat, the Galway Hooker, that sustained this poorest of communities, and the new generation of these same families of sailors still sail the coast of Connemara, now racing to be champions of the Galway Hookers Association Racing Series.
We meet the seven families of these workhorse boats, some 160 years old, learn the unique history of these boats, and how they see the racing season that lies ahead of them in the new sailing season.


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