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Biafra – Misean Dearmadta


Documentary about the brutal civil war
which took place in Nigeria 50 years ago.

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Biafra - Wednesday 23rd May @ 9.30pm

Biafra – Misean Dearmadta

Civilians bombed, famine used as a weapon of war, foreign interference, huge arms sales. It all sounds very familiar. Fifty years ago, Nigeria was embroiled in a brutal civil war. Irish missionaries defied a cynical international cartel to save millions from starvation, becoming international media celebrities in the process. At the end of the war, they were expelled from Nigeria, accused of prolonging the war, and the episode was wiped from the public memory of both countries. This film by Irina Maldea and Brendan Culleton sheds new light on a story that has been airbrushed from history.

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