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Parental Rating: 15A

The band is blown apart as Sully has departed Dobhar to heaven knows where, but the other four are content to spare Aodh from his father's wrath by agreeing to take part in the Eoghan De Barra centena

First Shown: 29 Jan

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Name: Bea

Age: 17

“Bea, on its own, as in Beyonce”. Although the other characters celebrate the DIY spirit, Bea doesn’t really like doing things for herself. In fact, she expects everything to be handed to her on a plate. The self-entitled, ridiculously talented lungs of the group is way too concerned with the trappings of fame. Just to give you an idea, she would definitely ‘twerk’ without a hint of irony. Growing up, Bea and Mona were best friends. But the minute she arrived in secondary school, Bea cut her loose in favour of ‘the cool kids’. Bea has a dirty little secret… now that summer’s here she has to work nights in her struggling parent’s chipper. Not that anyone in the gang would mind. But it’s not the image Bea is trying to project. The shame. A comic character, she’s vain, pretentious and fully committed to ‘swag’. When the cameras come to town, Bea goes slightly off the rails, which threatens her position within the gang. All she needs to do is give the diva shite a rest.

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