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Parental Rating: 15A

The band is blown apart as Sully has departed Dobhar to heaven knows where, but the other four are content to spare Aodh from his father's wrath by agreeing to take part in the Eoghan De Barra centena

First Shown: 29 Jan

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Name: Oisín

Age: 17

Captain of the firsts, not academically lacking, a big dirty laugh and easy on the eye – Oisín is supremely confident. In fact, according to Oisín there’s not much wrong with Oisín… it’s everyone around him that’s fucked. Oisín is on the verge of huffing a bag of glue he is so bored in Dobhar, the one horse town to which his parents have just moved him from boarding school. His go-to boredom alleviator is posting nihilistic pranks on Youtube, and this Summer he’s embarking on a trail of destruction in Dobhar. Although he and Sully should be natural enemies, they soon become the best of friends. But all that looks set to shatter once the truth of how Oisín’s Dad’s car was nicked and taken apart, piece by meticulous piece. He’s wild, joyous but often to the point of nihilistic, and he’s a dab hand at Final Cut.

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