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Peter Mulryan recounts his upbringing in
the Tuam mother and baby home

Wednesday @ 10.10pm


Parental Rating: 16

Gail O'Rorke tells the story of how she was charged with assisting in terminating the life of her dear friend Bernadette Forde. Bernadette was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) while Gail was wor

First Shown: 12 Jun

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Inspired by recent Netflix-style documentaries, Finné is a home-grown documentary series commissioned by TG4 featuring the human side of big Irish stories that have made the headlines over the past 50 years. Filmed over 12 months by Galway’s Magamedia and presented by RTÉ’s courts correspondent, Orla O’Donnell, Finné revisits gross miscarriages of justice that have taken place in Ireland in the recent past.
This Week:
Peter Mulryan was born in the Regional Hospital, Galway in 1944 and when he was due to marry, he became curious about his birth mother. This curiosity led him on a journey from the Home in Tuam to the Magdalene laundries in Galway where he found his mother to be hopelessly institutionalised, but managed to form a relationship with her prior to her death. It wasn’t until he met the local historian Catherine Corless in Tuam that he discovered that he may have a sister who was born in the Home in Tuam.


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