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Go Gasta


In this episode An Spidéal and Indreabhán in County Galway
Wednesday @ 19:30


An Spidéal / Na Breathnaigh 1-2

Parental Rating: G

Two teams of six from two different villages An Spidéal and Indreabhán in County Galway go head to head. Who will win the GO GASTA challenge?

First Shown: 20 Oct

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Go Gasta

In the new series GO GASTA, two local villages go head to head to settle old scores once and for all on a course littered with challenges and obstacles that goes from one village to the other. Each team sets out from their own village and race towards the opposing village and along the way they will have to negotiate different challenges against the clock. Fastest, fittest and strongest wins the day. And bragging rights to who is the GO GASTA champion, at least for one year anyway. The Series takes us all around the country from Galway to Donegal, Waterford, Cork and Kerry.
This Week
In this episode An Spidéal and Indreabhán in County Galway display huge parish pride but who will win the endurance test, a 10k run across rough terrain which has some very unusual obstacles?

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