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Grace Harte


Grace Harte, a gripping drama with a dark twist, about a woman trapped in a passionless marriage in the West of Ireland


Parental Rating: G

Leo is back from the dead and determined to exact revenge on Danny. Grace doesn't believe Leo when he tells her Danny tried to murder him. As Grace and Danny plan to leave Ireland, something is reveal

First Shown: 8 Jan

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Grace Harte

A 3 part drama series set in a dilapidated hotel in the West of Ireland centred around a love triangle that ends tragically.
Grace and Leo Harte, both in their 40s, run a crumbling hotel, Ostán Harte, a fixture on the landscape for many years. Grace feels she is stranded in a passionless marriage. Where Grace sees stasis, Leo sees stability and he does not share her hope that upgrading the hotel might inject new life into their relationship.
As a result, their hotel and seems consigned to a slow descent into decrepitude.
The series opens as the hotel shuts down at the end of the season and soon we learn this is a final closing. Danny, a young and ambitious surfer, sets up a surfing school on the beach adjacent to the hotel. Danny is and eager to plug into the benefits provided by modern tourism and the Wild Atlantic Way.
Grace meets Danny and tells Danny how trapped she feels and that at times she wishes she was rid of Leo. Danny grants her wish and conspires in Leo’s murder but as events unfold, the intended victim is not the main casualty in this tangled web of relationships and betrayal.

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