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A studio based series exploring the place-names of Ireland.


Crainn & Coillte 1-26

Parental Rating: G

This week, they'll discuss place names influenced by the trees and forests of Ireland. Máire Ní Neachtain from Mary Immaculate College in Limerick and Fiachra Mac Gabhain an expert on place names are

First Shown: 6 Mar

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Logainm is a new studio-based 26 part series celebrating and exploring the place names of Ireland.  Much of Ireland’s history is locked up in its place names.  They are a unique aspect of our shared culture and heritage.  There are millions of place names all over the island, from the field behind your house, to the four provinces of Ireland.  Each of them has its own story to unfold, each has a distinctive sense of place.

The presenter, renowned musician and singer, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich is joined each week by a panel of guests who bring their expertise to bear on a lively discussion of Irish place names.  People often wonder where “funny” place names like Horse and Jockey, Stoneybatter Limavady or Nobber come from.   All of us have passed a signpost and speculated how a place name can appear to be so different in its Irish and Anglicised or English versions – Wexford/Loch Garman or Lios an Phúca/Beaufort.  You might be surprised by their origins!

While some names are literal or poetic descriptions of the landscape itself, others come from mythological or other Irish legends from pre-Christian times while many derive from later Viking or Anglo-Normans roots.

The series also showcases popular songs and ballads that have become synonymous with the places mentioned and usually romanticised in them.  Each week we will hear one of these famous songs from a local singer; Kilkenny’s Rose of Mooncoin, Clare’s Spancil Hill, The Offaly Rover  and Kerry’s The Boys of Barr na Sráide. Singers include well known artists Mundy, Charlie McGettigan, Aoife Scott and the legendary Andy Irvine and Dónal Lunny.

Produced by Nemeton 

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