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Na Bailéid



Na Bailéid - Beo ó Chorcaigh 1-1

Parental Rating: G

Singer John Spillane hosts an intimate concert from St. Luke's, Cork. John's guests will include Mick Flannery, Jimmy Crowley, Nell Ní Chróinín and the group 'The Unwanted'.

First Shown: 22 Sep

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Na Bailéid

In a fascinating and exciting new TG4 eight part documentary series entitled ‘NA BAILÉID’ singer/songwriter John Spillane will take to the roads of Ireland, exploring the origins of the greatest of the famous, big, traditional Irish ballads.  From THE ROCKS OF BAWN to THE CLIFFS OF DOONEEN, from SKIBBEREEN to THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE, from CARRICKFERGUS to THE CURRAGH OF KILDARE, this promises to be an exciting musical pilgrimage around the island of Ireland. No nation under the sun holds such a rich store of songs and music as the Irish; if you were to explore the National Music of any country on earth, nowhere would you find such treasures as we hold here on this island. John will unearth the stories behind the songs and songwriters with local people, song collectors, singers, folklorists, historians or anyone who can help him on his quest. He will hear standout performances in quiet and intimate settings from Irish singers who have made these ballads their own and he will sometimes accompany the singer on guitar.  Each programme will end with the Big Ballad in the episode title from the selected performer.  For the first time on TG4 this documentary series ‘Na Bailéid’ will be an exciting and fascinating exploration of the great ballads of Ireland.

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