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Opry le Daniel



Opry le Daniel 7-6

Parental Rating: G

Daniel O'Donnell is back in the Millennium Forum in Derry to present 'Opry le Daniel'. This week he'll be joined by country music artists Donna Taggart, Jacqui Sharkey and Niamh McGlinchey with a mix

First Shown: 15 Oct

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Opry le Daniel

TG4’s hit Country Music series, Opry is back for an 8th Series. Starring the best of Country Music and hosted by the King of Country, Daniel O’Donnell. This series is the best yet! Country legends such as Charley Pride, Georgette Jones, Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell, Brendan Quinn, Isla Grant, Dominic Kirwan, John Hogan, Kathy Durkin, Gloria, Kathy Durkin, Tayla Lynn and many more!

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