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The case of Patrick Devine who was murdered
in his home will be discussed on this show

Monday @ 11.30pm


Parental Rating: 16

In Anagary in north-west Donegal in 1898, local man Conell Boyle was found murdered in his own home.

First Shown: 19 Aug

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A six part series that re-examines tragic murders from quiet and remote parts of Ireland and the legacy they have left. They raise concerns to the present day. We look at the cases of Stephen Lyne, Molly Bunberry, Baby E Roscommon, Patrick Devine, Conell Boyle and Shaun Fitzpatrick.

This Week:
In the Sperrin Mountains in Co Derry Patrick Devine, a nurse and sheep farmer was shot 6 times through his kitchen window in 2004. His family talk about this open case and their 10 year struggle to get answers.

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