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Scannal is a series that looks back
at more of the scandals that shocked,
outraged, amused and incited the nation.

Scannal looks back at more of the scandals that shocked, outraged, amused and incited the nation.

Where’s my Iodine? – 02.08.17

Back in September 2001 the World Health Organisation advised all nations to prepare an emergency response to chemical or biological attacks following 9/11. Cora Ennis, a young researcher on the Marian Finucane show on RTÉ Radio One, went in search of the person responsible for Ireland’s National Emergency Plan. The following morning she received a phone call from the Department of Enterprise and was told that Junior Minister Joe Jacob was the man in charge. SCANNAL revisits a story that reminds us of the power of radio.

The Rose Tattoo – 09.08.17

There have been few occasions when a stage play has caused a scandal on this scale and with the longevity that was sparked by The Pike’s production of The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams in May 1957. In the middle of a hugely successful run – Simpson, co-producer of the play, was warned by the Gardaí he had to cancel the play or be arrested – two days later he was arrested, held overnight in the Bridewell and charged with staging an indecent and profane performance for profit – thus began what would be a year long legal battle.

Unlucky Day – 16.08.17

On 2 July 2007 at 7am a young Englishman hauled himself over the treacherous rocks and up the cliffs of Dunlough Bay in West Cork to seek help at a local farmhouse. His persistent knocking eventually woke the farmer. He told him that there had been a boating accident and that the boat he was travelling in had overturned, leaving two companions struggling in the sea. It’s the story of one of the biggest cocaine busts in Irish and European history, leading to an investigation that would span three continents, and the longest sentences ever handed down for drugs trafficking by an Irish court.

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