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Seoda Bhailiúchán na Scol


A new series looking at the Schools Folklore Collection
to see if the beliefs of the past have any meaning today.

Thursday @ 20:00


Seoda Bhailiúchán na Scol 1-1

Parental Rating: G

Ex RTE News presenter Aengus Mac Grianna looks in the Schools Folklore Colelction to examine traditions relating to love and marriage.

First Shown: 17 Oct

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Seoda Bhailiúchán na Scol

This new series looks at the Schools Folklore Collection to see if the beliefs of the past have any meaning in today’s world. From 1937 to 1939, schoolchildren from 5000 schools across Ireland collected almost half a million pages of folklore from their relatives and neighbours, the most ambitious scheme of its kind ever undertaken. In this series, 7 presenters delve into the treasures of the collection to see if what they find has any relevance or resonance today. With Aenghus Mac Grianna, Sláine Ní Chathalláin, Diarmuid Lyng, Stiofán Seoige, Jo Ní Chéide, Brian Ó Domhnaill & Máire Treasa Ní Cheallaigh.
This week:
In this episode, Radio presenter Jo Ní Chéide explores the Irish childbirth traditions contained in the Schools’ Collection. As a mother of three, she is very interested in our understanding of childbirth, something that relates to all of us. On her journey Jo meets a variety of interesting people including a woman in Connemara who has had seventeen children, a doula who helps women through childbirth and a group of young mothers. She also visits Dumhach na Leanbh in gCois Fharraige to gain a better understanding of the role of such customs in the past and how many still resonate today.

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