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Tríd an Lionsa


A series examining the early Irish photographic
collections of images from the period 1880-1902


Tríd an Lionsa 1-6

Parental Rating: G

Series examining early Irish photographic collections. Ireland fought the landlord system towards the turn of the 19th century and the development in photography allowed the camera to be there as a wi

First Shown: 3 Sep

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Tríd an Lionsa

A series examining early Irish photographic collections 1880 – 1902. It tracks the technological developments in photography at the end of the 19th century that revolutionised the technique (and art) of photograph-taking and developing for use in journalism, politics, court cases, tourism, anthropology and the relief of distress.
Presented by Pádraic Ó Neachtain.

Produced by Sibéal Teo

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